Strengths & Experience

Area Experience
Process Technology Re-refinery technology, Hydrotreating, Hydrocracking, Distillation, Fractionation, Chemicals, Supercritical extraction, Blogas, Solid Handling…
Unit operations Boiler, Oxidizer, Incinerators, Flares (Hot stack0, Cooling Tower, Compressors, Hydrogen Generator, Seal Oil System, Softener, Chillier, Hot Water, TSA, PSA etc
Process studies Process Instrumentation HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, Energy optimization studies, Feasibility study, Design basis preparations Design, Engineering, Selection, Installation up to proof of performance for instrumentation solutions for various parameters- Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Pressure.
Process Control Design, Engineering, Detailing, Installation up to proof of operation for control system solutions using- SIL PLC, PLC/SCADA, DCS and variety of other controller options. Redundancy, Various Communication Networks, Remote IO, Wireless TO
Electrical Solutions Design, Engineering, Selection, Installation up to proof of performance for electrical systems for process improvements. It includes MCC, VFD, DOL, Servos, Soft Starters etc
Hazardous area IEC Zone 1/Zone21 and Onwards (All Gas Groups)
World Map Experience of Working in all 5 Continents of World.
Codes and Standards American- API. ASME, AGA 3-2. NACE, NAMUR, NFPA European- EN, DIN, PED Russian- GOST-R Australia- ASNEZ International- IEC, ISO Indian-IBR, IS Good Engineering practices, Updated industry standards, Specific Industry Standards like Shell, RIL, EIL Applicable codes and standards are selected based on project requirements
Consultants onnections with consultants and experts for all relevant fields (Process, HAZOP, Mechanical, Structure, Civil, Specific Area,)
Documentation Deliverables Capability and experience of giving ISO standard compatible, industry acceptable engineering documents for Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls (Instrument List, Datasheets, Cause & Effect, SLD, Energy Balance, Mass Balance, Engineering handbook, Operator manual etc)
Synchronized Efforts of Education and Engineering
Wide area know-hows and applications
Team work and belief in every stakeholder
Project Culture- Equal importance to time and cost
Defined quality...No Gold plating
Get and analyze feedback and enhance experience..
Final goal is delivering turnkey solution
Work Ethics