Reali Technologies is an Israeli leader in Web SCADA and telemetry technology. Reali Technologies was established as an Israeli breakthrough technology startup in 2007 that developed a new generation of SCADA & Telemetry Solution named RealiteQ.

Today, Reali Technologies has an advanced proven End to End web base SCADA & telemetry system for a wide range of water and wastewater applications, with Thousands of installations in 5 continents

“The number one management mistake is running the business blind!” – With SCADA you will not be blind to your system! With SCADA you can manage better crisis events by having Real-time warnings for exceptional events. you have the ability to Manage & Control remotely all system components. The real time Information enables improved service, Quick reaction time to malfunctions. By all of that SCADA contributes for better and safer management of both simple and complex water, waste water and energy networks
Why RealiteQ SCADA??

While traditional SCADA are “Heavy” and expensive, RealiteQ SCADA & Telemetry is a reliable “Light” and “Inexpensive” end to end solution, as you can see in the table below:
RealiteQ SCADA helps to increase the efficiency in all levels of the utility and by that it saves a lot of money to the utility. RealiteQ is affordable & available for all utilities; any utility (even the smallest ones) that doesn’t have SCADA at all, Utilities that want to reduce OPEX, utilities with limited budgets, utilities that has no (or has a limited) in-house IT team/infrastructure, Utilities that want to upgrade older telemetry and/or SCADA, Utilities that want to add new sites to existing SCADA, Utilities that want to replace old SCADA… As there is no investment in infrastructures, RealiteQ is a modular system that can be installed at a minimum cost in very few strategic sites at the beginning and add new site in the future.

RealiteQ is End to end SCADA solution (Telemetry & HMI software) & service which was developed as an end-to-end information and communication technology (ICT) that gathers and controls critical & operational data, in real time, for water networks, analyzers and controllers. Relevant personnel, from the CEO to the field technician, wherever they may be, can view and control the system. The technology consists of three system components:
Solution Benefits

Water system safety and real-time crisis management capabilities:
Real-time warnings for exceptional events, with an option for real-time remote intervention for crisis events.

Optimization of routine management at all levels:
Full system visibility in real time for senior management -Real-time tracking of routine operational data for the various water system facilities – Capability for real-time remote operation of the various systems (remote execution of operational changes) – Building and management of an up-to-date database of all system components – Routine reports customized for each level of management -Realtime push notification to existing network applications.

Improved customer service:
Real-time information enables improved service and transfer of information to the customer. Quick reaction time to malfunctions and exceptional events that impact customer satisfaction. Operational optimization: Rapid response – ability to manage and control, in real time, all system components (local and remote), while saving on manpower and routine expenditure due to the capability for remote control and management of remote facilities, with limited need for field personnel.

Financial savings:
Significant savings in initial investment, and savings in routine expenditures such as support and maintenance, as well as savings regarding environmental damage, thanks to rapid response capability for crisis events.