Elvaco – Smart City Solutions


Reliability is not about the right product.

It is about entirety.


Elvaco provides open end-to-end solutions for utility metering, aiming
to support our customers to develop their sustainable business.

We are specialized in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloud-based systems and services.


Elvaco offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet customer expectations of remote reading in most industries and applications.

Grid companies

Together with electricity meters from some of the world’s largest meter manufacturers, we can offer efficient collection with high flexibility. There are grid companies of various sizes among our customers, both in rural and urban areas. Our products communicate through the existing GSM/GPRS infrastructure, which allow the customer to focus on installing meters instead of planning and building a new infrastructure.

District heating companies

During the last 30 years, together with district heating companies we have renewed, developed and optimized our solutions to cover most needs within remote metering for district heating. In our complete product portfolio we deliver all you need from the meter to billing. We collaborate with the leading global meter developers and the largest telecom companies to ensure that the experience from our products is the best possible.

Gas companies

Cost effective connectivity solutions for new or existing installation of gas meters. By using proven and standardized communication technologies, we provide smart gas grid solutions for the future. We provide end to end solutions including product and services to enable billing, analytics and smart gas grid possibilities. Our solution can be used with already installed meters and of course also with new smart gas meters using wired and wireless communication.

Water industries

We deliver high quality meters from e.g. GWF, Itron and Kamstrup with high precision and durability. In our meter portfolio we can offer the right technology depending on your specific needs, regardless if it’s submetering of apartments or large scale bulk metering. However, metering without connectivity is a two legged chair. With Elvaco’s solutions for collection of wired and wireless meters you will have a robust system with the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s challenges in water metering.

Real estate companies

A common real estate company has either apartments in individual properties or properties in larger residential areas. Elvaco provides solutions based on customer needs. We offer everything from overall concepts to delivery of Gateways and meters. Elvaco delivers turn-key solutions for fast and easy installation in the field. We also deliver all additional equipment needed for a running installation, such as meters for water, electricity and indoor temperature.

Other industries

Our products are easy to adapt to a wide range of applications, for example charging poles for electric cars, solar power and greenhouse climate. Our customers are companies with the need of collecting meter values with automatic meter reading. All of our products are built on established standards which allow fast and easy implementation to existing billing and reporting systems.

Please contact us on ElvacoSales@Frontal.in for sales and technical queries